3-week check

Big day.  3 week post-op check. I’m seeing my ENT again today–getting scoped to see how things are healing.

Last night, I drank a chocolate Boost about an hour before bed, because I felt like I could, and I wanted to make up some calories…but bringing on reflux isn’t necessarily the best way to prepare for such a thing.  At the time, I swear, my focus was on making the healthy decision.

My voice therapist said last week you really shouldn’t do any singing until the 6-week point,  and my former student who had the same surgery wasn’t even cleared to sing at that point…but (1) the doctor said I’d be back to at least half-usual voice use at 6 weeks, and (2) she (VT) proceeded to have me do lip trills and stuff like that up to the top of the treble clef that session…so I’m fostering hopes that he’ll say “you can start singing.”

I’m very anxious to go back to my voice teacher.  He’s so comforting, so grounding, so nurturing.  I swear I’ll do half-hour lessons, but I miss him.  Also, one of my dear friends lives just up the road from him, so it brings the promise of “girl time” once I go back.

I don’t think I quite have the nerve to go AMA, but I’m going to specifically ask.  I need him back in my life.  I’m working on rebuilding the things I look forward to (to replace 6:30 on weekdays, and the weekend), and this would go SO far in helping me find that aspect of the new normal.


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