Number three

I’ve been considering a third tattoo for a while.  Three is my favorite number (not for any particular reason, but I’ve always liked three and multiples of three), and I’m very into symmetry, so I guess that makes a back or neck tattoo.  If I had unlimited resources, I’d love to get a full Moonassi on my upper back.  I’d want to go with one that’s not super-heavy in black (because OUCH), and Ooh, Darling is my favorite anyway:


I’ve also thought a lot about something by Anders Nilsen.  I love his work, and it would lend itself to a much less extravagant tattoo.




My favorite works of his, Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow, and The End, are among my top five books of all time.  Although I’m interested in loss as a topic, I’m hesitant to “brand” myself with an image from books that I’ve so closely tied into surviving a divorce. That’s not even the kind of loss that the books are about–really, they’re healing for any kind of loss–but I know that The End in particular was very therapeutic for me in the first year.  It is hardly about moving on, however, and I don’t want to hold onto the past or “memorialize” it.

For now, I guess, I’m poor and bare of shoulder blades.


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