Short and actually interesting story

I was at the gym Saturday morning, and I could see/feel someone come up to me in my peripheral vision.  It was a woman I’d seen around, and I had made small talk weeks before (and then patted myself on the back for having the nerve to make decent small talk with a stranger).  I took out an ear bud, assuming that she was going to ask me how many sets I had left.

Instead, she said, “your grandmother passed, right?”  I lost both of my grandmothers 26 years ago, so I figured she had me mixed up with someone who had lost her grandmother recently.

We went back and forth again, and then I said, “well, yeah, I lost my grandmothers when I was 13.”  She told me that she had a gift, and that my grandmother wanted her to tell me that she watches over me, and that she’s so happy about my daughter.  She heard her when we had talked before, and she doesn’t often go up to people out of nowhere, but it was loud enough that she couldn’t ignore it…especially since she saw me walk in with my daughter.

I asked which one it was.  I had been told before that my father’s mother watches over me and tries to help me with my anxiety.  (My daughter is named after her, although we never called her by her actual first name.  My family is weird like that.  I have one name, but my whole family has always called me by another.  My brother is a II, so we have always called him by his middle name). She said it was definitely my mother’s mom; my daughter’s middle name is her first name.

I didn’t push for any more information–I just thanked her.  I didn’t know whether or not to tell my mom.  She’d be upset if I had gone to a psychic (my parents are very religious, so that stuff is “evil”), but because this was out of the blue, I shared.

Anyway, pretty neat?


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