matching hearts


My daughter doesn’t have a set of her things at her daddy’s house, so along with her clothes travel: her pink Taggy “blankie,” her Kindle (which is mainly for the 45-60 minute car trip itself), about 10 stuffed animals for bed, her Sailor Moon blanket, her 50ish blind bag My Little Ponies, her large DC Superhero Girls dolls (we have all but Harley Quinn), and maybe 15 Equestria girls dolls.

She goes through periods of going to daddy’s without a word of protestation, but then there will be months of “I don’t want to go to daddy’s…I hate going to daddy’s…I never want to go to daddy’s.”  There’s not a lot that I can say in response. If I agree with her, that’ll just open the door to stronger protests in hope that she can change the situation. If I blow her off or disagree, that’s a rejection.  I generally just give her a hug, tell her that her daddy and I love her very much, and I remind her that I am always with her.

I also send, in addition to the bags of home comforts, a stand-in for me.  I bought matching rose quartz hearts–the sparklier heart is hers.  Before she goes to daddy’s, we “fill up” each others’ hearts with kisses.

Zerberts, too, because we’re silly.

I pack her heart once it’s full of kisses, and I put mine on the table next to my bed. If I’m feeling sad because I miss her, I will hold her heart while I sleep, and she’ll do the same with mine if she’s having a tough time.

It hasn’t really fixed anything, but it may have cut down on the number of times her daddy has been annoyed because she wanted to call or skype while she was at his house. It also makes for a cute, if depressing, Pinterest mom idea.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to spend the rest of the day patting myself on the back because I wrote about something other than my anxiety and my fucked up romantic life.




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