Weigh in

In my little bubble, this election boils down to two things:

(1) the fear that the people I love who will not have insurance if the Affordable Care Act is repealed as promised by Trump, and

(2) Trump’s whole campaign is based on a complete lack of compassion and the promise of increased systemic discrimination for anyone who is not white, not a natural-born American, not christian, not straight, and not male. I’m still reading up on his social welfare policies, ACA aside, but I’ve never met a republican who regarded the poor with anything but suspicion and contempt.

(I haven’t even been able to process the whole “denial of climate child” issue yet, to be honest).

So far, the only affect a Trump presidency will have on me directly is that I’ll pay more in taxes, because he wants to eliminate “head of household” status for single parents. But I don’t vote based on how things will affect me personally; I vote based on what I feel is right. “What is right” is guided by what will create the most level playing field possible.

“Nice” people who voted for Trump falsely believe that we’re done and everyone has the same shot at a good life.

Okay, fine. Let’s say you honestly believe that, that you’re just naive.

There is so much that I oppose about Trump, but I’m going to make my case the way I would for someone who is much more conservative than me. I’m going to hone in on race and religious discrimination because there is at least a social pressure to not be viewed as racist. Although I think that institutional racism (a ban on muslims entering the country, for example) is the root problem, your average person is going to be most appalled by instances of individual racism. A very “nice,” but super-conservative christian may oppose abortion and gay marriage, but the chances are that they would denounce the use of the n-word.

So here are some articles and collections of Trump quotes on race:

Trump on Latinos

Trump on Syrian refugees

Trump on muslims

An assortment of Trump quotes re: race

And then, of course, we have his newly-appointed chief strategist, who is openly anti-Semitic:

Trump’s anti-Semitic chief strategist

This is not even like his “pussy-grabbing” talk, which 53% of women dismissed as normal locker room talk. It’s not just vile talk. These are the beliefs on which he is building policy changes.

In a nutshell:




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